Journalist Report – May 18th

Hello Mission Control,

First off I would like to wish our HSO, Kristina Mannix, a very happy birthday! We baked a brownie in celebration! Today our day consisted of a morning EVA where I was on comms for Rishabh and Noah who drove up Cow Dung Road and made a few stops along the way for drone footage for the mapping project. After the EVA, Aravind, Noah and I went back to the science dome and prepared and tested the samples retrieved on yesterday and today’s EVA. The astronomers were able to process some data and continued working on processing images from the Robotic Observatory. Avery also downloaded the programs needed for Musk Observatory imaging on her personal laptop. Now we will wrap up the day with some planning for tomorrow and celebrating one week here and Kristina!

Best Regards,
Pari & the Bevonauts

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