Journalist Report – May 19th

Hello Mission Control,

Today we were able to do two EVAs, both with Spencer Joseph. The first one, me, Avery, and Rishabh took him to Camel Ridge. We collected some samples there and showed him how the drone works. We also got more footage for the map. Since we had the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers, they had better batteries and we took him to Marble Ritual as well. Marble Ritual provides the "Martian" look and so we were able to get him some better footage for that.

Then, we took him to the RAM and Rishabh explained how the engineering software and drone works. He also gave insight into how this could be used to perform search and rescue missions. Next, we took him to the Science dome where myself, Noah, and Aravind explained our research. We did a live exfoliation and microscope test for him with the white mound sample. Noah and Aravind were also interviewed here. I took him to the greenhab to get some shots there and the next stop was the observatory. There, Avery and Kristina were interviewed and they showed him how to work the telescope. We got back to the hab and my interview was conducted.

After we had lunch with him, we took him on an EVA where he was suited up. Rishabh and I adjusted the suit for him and Noah, Aravind and Kristina took him around for a walking EVA. They tested out the Geiger counter. Now we are working on reports and resting up.

Have a great day!

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