Journalist Report – May 20th

Hello Mission Control,

Today we had a relatively research focused day. It wasn’t very active since the winds were quite intense and we couldn’t do much with the drone due to the heavy rains. We did get group pictures to promote MDRS and our project on LinkedIn. Me, Kristina, and Avery worked on the astronomy project, got the Musk observatory up and working again. However, it wasn’t able to focus on the sun right away due to the winds. Avery and I prepped the samples that we retrieved yesterday and Noah and Aravind analyzed them. Noah, Aravind and I are working on EVA requests since we are yet unsure of what samples give us better data about how to work around Martian terrain. We are going to visit spots that we find would give us better day throughout the next few days. Rishabh is still working on processing his videos and the astronomers are hard at work with the code. We are yet again stuck with another rainy Monday :))

Pari & the Bevonauts

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