Journalist Report – May 22nd

Hello Mission Control,

Today we had a day where we mainly split into and worked amongst our subgroups. We planned EVAs and ate our meals (butter noodles we are kind of in the trenches as we speak) as a group. Luckily, Noah and Kristina are quite creative and we are having a taco night for dinner.

Other than that, me and Noah have started taking care of the disaster of a biohazard that was left in the science dome and we thought we deserved to feel clean after (we took showers!). We worked on the science dome samples and categorized them. After the success of the first overnight sample experiment, we decided to do some more.

Avery and Kristina processed some images in the observatory and have been occupied the entire day with it. Rishabh has also been working hard at finishing the last few steps with this map.

Proud of the efforts and progress made!

Pari & the Bevonauts

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