Sol Summary – May 18th

Crew 200 Sol Summary 05-18-2024
Sol: 6
Summary Title: A Bevonaut Birthday
Author’s Name: Prakruti "Pari" Raghunarayan
Mission Status: Active
Sol Activity Summary:

We had an EVA today starting at MDRS and heading north up Cow Dung Road. The purpose of this EVA was to get better footage for the program needed to convert the drone footage to a topographical map. Noah and Rishabh went on that and I stayed on comms to monitor their stops and coordinates where the footage was taken. Pooh’s Corner and North Ridge were two stops made. They went around the Galileo Road area as well. Then they came back and Noah, Aravind, and I got right to the material analysis. We have covered most samples and analyzed most except for the ones retrieved yesterday while testing out the Geiger counter and today’s White Mound sample. The White Mound sample showed incredibly transparent spots–I assume we can dig deeper and figure out why these potential bilayers exist (they are a good thing!). Avery and Kristina have continued processing images today from the Robotic Observatory and are continuing to work through issues with the code and downloads for the Musk Observatory. We are also in active communication with Spencer Joseph from Fox News are setting everything up for the news visit. Avery and I created a to do list and a schedule for tomorrow and run that by the rest of the crew.

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