Sol Summary – May 20th

Crew 299 Sol Summary 05-20-2024
Sol: 8
Summary Title: A Monday on Mars (Self Care Edition)
Mission Status: Active
Sol Activity Summary:

For Sol 8, Avery and Pari prepared samples for theScience Dome projects before heading out to the Musk Observatory. Pari, Kristina, and Avery were able to troubleshoot the issues with the Musk Observatory from yesterday. However, though it was sunny, it was also very windy. Because of this, there was not an opportunity to take suitable images. We are still waiting on additional images from the Robotic Observatory to process. Per Peter’s advice, we shortened the imaging exposure time to 240 seconds; before, it was 300 seconds. Avery was able to download AstroImageJ on her laptop and will attempt to use it with Kristina while they continue figuring out their Python script. Image processing will continue tomorrow, and we will hopefully be able to get more images from the Musk Observatory. Next, Pari, Noah and Aravind worked in the science dome to classify samples and what comparisons we must start making to come to meaningful conclusions for our research. We checked on the radishes as well. We are going to plan EVAs to get more samples from areas that are interesting for the UV detector and Geiger counter. Rishabh worked on further developing his path finding algorithm to run on the created models of the surrounding area.

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