Sol Summary – May 21st

Crew 299 Sol Summary 5-21-2024
Summary Title: All in a Day’s work
Mission Status: Active
Sol Activity Summary:

I went on an EVA to Marble Ritual and Pooh’s corner and went as far as possible with the battery as a limitation. This was in order to collect samples from previous EVAs in order to compare the structure of the samples. I helped Kristina and Avery out in the Musk Observatory taking pictures. Then I headed out to the science dome to classify all the remaining samples. I also helped prepare a few more samples that were gathered earlier today and another soil sample courtesy of Noah.

For Sol 9, I went on and EVA with Noah and Aravind to collect more samples. I then worked with Kristina at the Musk Observatory (which was finally operating correctly!) and we were able to get two sets of solar imaging completed. Following this, we practiced using AstroImageJ and began processing the images we took today. We are still awaiting Robotic Observatory images.

Rishabh worked on further developing his path finding algorithm to run on the created models of the surrounding area.

I helped the crew set up for their EVA this morning. Then, I worked with Noah and Aravind in the science dome for the rest of the morning and afternoon. I also created a document and calculated the age of the igneous rock in the area to learn more about the area with the now dormant Henry Mountains. We can apply this technique to learn about radiation levels and ability to sustain life. I also set up an overnight experiment about the chemical composition of one type of soil.

I noted changes with the radishes, processed the final geological samples we collected, and began to prepare for final analyses of our findings

Sol 9 I woke up at 8 am and did the coms for the EVA. Then I went to the solar observatory with Avery and took two more sets of data. We processed the images till dinner and then after as well.

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