Sol Summary – May 22nd

Crew 299 Sol Summary 05-22-2024
Sol: 10
Summary Title: Nearing the End
Mission Status: Active
Sol Activity Summary:

Noah, Aravind, and I went to the science dome to start to clean it up and to prepare some soil samples for analysis. We brought bleach from the hab in order to take care of the bioreactor in the science dome. We poured the bleach in and are waiting to see any progress on this biohazard. We also finished analyzing the samples from PDMS and discussed ways we should classify them for future use. Noah also moved the radishes out of the tent back into the sunlight. We hope to see more growth. We prepared more jars of samples and did a makeshift experiment to see the contents and composition of the unsorted, fine, white mound, and etc.

Rishabh has checked the water, tarps, and all the inspections. He also is working to finish up his map and has been programming.

For Sol 10, Kristina and Avery started the day by operating the Musk Observatory. They took two sets of images and began processing them. Every solar image is currently at the Photoshop stage; since the presets from the Astronomy Laptop cannot be saved, manual edits need to be made instead. Kristina and Avery also familiarized themselves more with AstroImageJ and reached a stopping point, since no further progress can be made with a lack of images.

Best Regards,
Prakruti "Pari" Raghunarayan

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