Astronomy Report – November 24th

Astronomy Report
Nov. 23rd/2017
Given that the Musk Observatory is still offline (as it probably will be for the remainder of the mission), my Astronomy observation is limited to Solar observations during the day. This is fine, I’m sure I’ll find plenty to keep me occupied with that.
Today we calibrated the 3D printers and have been continuously printing items that we may need to use in remote locations.
Later tonight, much like last night, I plan to perform a non-sim EVA with our Mission Engineer to practice some Astrophotography. Will post pictures in my next report.
Hopefully I get to do some daytime Solar observations tomorrow. I’ll likely spend most of my day figuring out how to operate that lab.
Problems Encountered: The Musk Observatory being offline.


Toluwa Fayemi
MDRS Crew 183 Astronomer
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