EVA Report – November 24th

EVA #2 Report of Sol 2

We started our EVA at 11:50 AM. Jordan, Ashton, Toluwa, and I, each took an ATV, carrying cameras and other supplies in backpacks. We first stopped near the Stream Turnout Rd, and walked about 200 meters to an area with a large amount of dinosaur bones and petrified wood specimens. We spent about an hour in this area before heading north.

We arrived at the Lith Canyon turnout by about 12:20 PM. From here, we walked into the Lith Canyon area, careful not to step in the cactus gardens along the way.

We spent 2 hours here, exploring and photographing this area. There is a feature that is labeled on the map, called “The Pillar”, where the Copernicus Hwy North used to extend to. Although there are many features in this area that could fit this description, we found one particularly prominent column that could be “The Pillar”. We’ll have to investigate this further.

We returned to our ATVs by around 3:00 PM, getting back to the hab by 3:25 PM.

Have a great night Mission Support!

Prepared by Brandon Ferguson

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