GreenHab Report – November 24th

Sol 2 – 24/11/2017

Green Hab Officer Jordan Bowden

Average temperature: 27.3 C in Greenhouse / 9.6 C Outside

Time 11:00 16:30 19:00
Temperature inside (°C) 46 C 19 C 17 C
Temperature outside (°C) 16 C 7 C 6 C
% Humidity 17% 16% 26 %

Changes to crops:  Everything is growing well. The adult tomato plants are no longer wilted.

Daily water usage for crops: 4 Gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops:  11:00, 16:30

Daily watering and amount of water used:   2 gallons used at each watering, 4 gallons total.

Narrative: Greetings CapCom, things are going well in the Green Hab on Sol 2!

I noticed that it was very hot in the Green Hab when I checked it at 11:00 this morning (46C); I will be sure to open the ventilation tomorrow by 8AM. Otherwise, all crops are healthyl.

I installed lighting timer in the Green Hab today, so the grow lights are now online from 17:00-21:00.

Not much else to report. Outside my duties as Green Hab Officer, I set up our 3D printer server, designed two 3D printable medical devices, and explored Lith Canyon during our EVA.

All the best,

Jordan Bowden

Green Hab Officer

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