Commander Report – March 6th

Sol 16

Title: Two new crewmembers!

Dear Earth,

Today, two French journalists from French channel television (TF1) joined the crew on the Red Planet for our typical tasks: physical training, breakfast, morning EVA to check our experiments and explore the Martian surface, engineering check, cooking, EVA debriefing, experiments in the Hab and the Science Dome…

They left our Martian habitat at the end of the afternoon, really happy of what they discovered during their trip! Once again, we were happy to see new faces after almost three weeks confined with the same people. We are so excited to see the results of this TV report and to watch it on the main French TV channel! We were really glad because they asked us many questions, and very interesting questions!

After our guests left, we were once again all busy in the Hab: we did the human factors experiment of Gabriel (the KTNE game), Alex worked on the video presenting our rotation, and I worked on my last experiments.

Moreover, today was a big day, not only because we had guests, but also because we changed the teams of the KTNE experiment: it is funny to see that we have difficulties when we have to discover new partners while playing and defusing bombs.

We have three Sols left on this very nice planet, but we still have a lot of work to do on our experiments before leaving. Luckily, we will have our EVA tomorrow afternoon so perhaps we will sleep more in the morning after these two early wake up!

Ad Astra!

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