Sol Summary – March 6th

Crew 189 Sol Summary Report 06 Mar 2018

Sol 16

Summary Title: TV stars

Author: Louis Mangin

Mission Status: All nominal

Sol Activity Summary:
Today was another special day: a journalist duo came from Washington
to shoot a report for the news on a French national TV. They were very
curious and friendly and should have taken great shots of Lith Canyon
and the station. The reporter followed us wearing a spacesuit during
the EVA. Let’s hope the result looks great!

The afternoon was quieter: human factors experiments, astronomy,
experiments, video editing, demonstrations/interviews for the

Look Ahead Plan: Emergency procedures training vol. 2 in the morning,
small EVA in the afternoon to deploy Solar Panels, GPS guidance
system, shoot missing footage for the rotation video

Anomalies in work: –

Weather: Sunny.

Crew Physical Status: Fine.

EVA: Lith Canyon + Battery change

Reports to be filed:
Greenhab Officer
EVA report
EVA request
Astronomy report

Support Requested: –

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