EVA Report – December 1st

Crew 216 EVA Report 01-DEC-19
EVA # 09
Author: Whittle

Purpose of EVA: EVA footage for Roker film crew filming Crew 216

Start time: 1330
End time: 1515

Narrative: Crew left Hab in Curiosity and Spirit with Justin (Roker crew host) and crew. Arrived at Kissing Camel Ridge. Climbed high point on Kissing Camel Ridge at grid 12 S 0519008 4249540. Collected footage (camera and drone) for the Roker crew. Collected footage with rovers on way back to Hab.

Destination: Kissing Camel Ridge
Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 12 S 0519008 4249540.
Participants: Whittle, Kennedy, Ho, Justin + 5 film crew

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map:
1) Hab to the point where Kissing Camel Ridge crossed Cow Dung Rd
2) Walked from Cow Dung Rd to the high point at 12 S 0519008 4249540
3) Walked from 12 S 0519008 4249540 back to rovers on Cow Dung Rd
4) Returned to Hab via Cow Dung Rd

Mode of travel: Curiosity, Spirit

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