Research Report – December 1st

Crew 216 Research Report 01-DEC-19
Sol 7
Submitted by: Kennedy

1) Psych Scale (TAMU IRB2019-1042D) – 2nd stage evaluations were completed. The final will be done on the last day.

2) Medical Casts – Due to activities in the Hab no work was done on this project today.

3) In-Situ Fluorescent Mineral Prospecting – Planning reconnaissance EVA for Tues 03-Dec-19.

4) MDRS Mapping – Nothing further to report (awaiting return of map with desired annotations).

5) MDRS Communications – New ETA planned for north ridge reconnaissance. A new map with high-level detail was printed. As the last attempt to summit the north ridge for possible comms site was unsuccessful, we have decided to attempt the summit through a weakness in the south ridge.

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