EVA Report – January 03rd


EVA #: 12

Autor: Luz Maria Agudelo Urrego

Purpose of EVA: weather observation; Radio measurements; EVA and EMU evaluation project; Reliability and maintenance

Start time: 10:18

End time: 12:25

Narrative: Shefali, Ben and Luz Ma, drove Curiosity and Spirit along Cow Dung Rd, and stop before the original destination, Brahe, to assure the charge of the rovers Curiosity and Spirit was enough for the way back to the Habitat. They took weather observation, radio measurements, performed a reliability scenario, and explored the canyon. An engineering EVA was performed at the end of the excursion.

Destination: Along Cow Dung Rd

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 12S 517950, 4253860

Luz Ma
Crew 218

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