Sol Summary Report – Jan 04th

Crew 218 Sol Summary Report 04-JAN-2019

Sol: 13

Summary Title: Close Encounters of the Florida Tech Kind

Author’s name: Pat Pesa

Mission Status: Making New Friends.

Sol Activity Summary: Crew 218 vigorously cleaned the Hab before our new Crew 219 came around. The afternoon was spent training them in general crew operations, and then in specific job duties. The evening was spent taking some collaborative pictures, and an last meal at Stan’s Burgers Shack.

Look Ahead Plan: Flight Home to Earth

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Cloudy and 30 degrees.

Crew physical status: Healthy

EVA: none

Reports to be filed: sol summary, commander report, operations report, greenhab report, journalist report

Support Requested: none

Pat Pesa

Geologist, MDRS 218

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