Journalist Report – January 20th

Subject: Crew 001 (MAU) Journalist 21Jan2020

Crew 001 MAU Journalist Report 21Jan2020

Author: Morgan Kainu, Crew Journalist

Sol 2

Title: Snow and Dancing on Mars

At 0700 we rose for the morning to a slow flurry of Martian snow that had just started falling. We sat together enjoying the scenery while eating a breakfast of oatmeal and coffee. Starting at 0900 the Martian snow decided to pick up its pace, so we worked together to make sure that everything was secured and well prepared for the Martian elements.

Following the securing of the hab, we sat back down to enjoy some story telling and hab activities. We all enjoyed the opportunity to continue to learn from and about one another and planning for hab improvements for the next Sol.

In the evening, we met up with the MDRS crew at their hab for a Mars Circle activity between the two habs, for having our biometrics checked and enjoying a delicious shepherds pie dinner that one of the MDRS crew members whipped up for us from the freeze dried food. And, to top the night off, we had an joyful night of music and dancing between the two crews where we learned how to waltz, two-step, and a dance from India.

See photos (separately sent)

Morgan Kainu, BA; MAU Journalist Crew 001

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