Sol Summary – January 23rd

MDRS Crew 220 Sol 4 Summary 23Jan2020

Summary Title: Target acquired?
Author’s name: Shawna Pandya, Commander
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary: Today was a busy day as both crews ran joint EVA exercises in the morning and afternoon with the goal of scouting injury sites for future medical simulations on EVA, followed by a tour of the MAU station. The morning EVA went smoothly, with 2 injury sites (IS) easily found and demarcated.. The afternoon EVA teams, based on the instructions of the morning EVA team found both IS, but then had to end their EVA early due to several comms failure. All in all, the morning and afternoon EVAs achieved the desired objectives, setting the stage for future medical EVAs. Within the Hab, the team continued to bring the surveys, tech and science back online that had previously been disrupted with the loss of Internet.Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow’s EVAs will consist of medical drills at the injury sites identified today and briefing on medical triage, assessment and communication protocols in the field.
Anomalies in work: Hot water still out.
Weather: -5C low / 2C max, 0C average, 20% chance of precipitation tomorrow
Crew Physical Status: Excellent
EVA: 1 AM MDRS EVA and 1 PM MDRS EVA performed today as above
Reports to be filed:
Sol Summary
Journalist’s Report
Ops/Engineering Report
GreenHab Report
Photo Report
EVA Request: To be submitted
Support Requested: Please remove trash from airlock. Requesting saran wrap, aluminum foil, baby wipes, 1 LED lightbult please.

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