Operations Report – January 23rd


 Crew 220 Operations Report
SOL: 4

Submitting Report: Lee Roberts, Crew Engineer

Non-nominal systems: Primary generator and water heater are inoperative

Generator: Primary generator is offline, power system operating on rental generator

Hours Run: 7:30

Start Time: Ran through the night

End Time: 0730

Solar SOC: 82%

Diesel Reading: 49%

Station Propane Reading: 90%

Ethanol Free Gasoline: N/A

Water in Loft Tank: 50 Gallons

Water Meter: 148107.4

Water in Static Tank: 352 Gallons

Static to Loft Tank: 43 Gallons

Water in GreenHab Tank: 211 Gallons

Water in Science Dome: N/A

Toilet Tank Emptied: Yes

Spirit Rover Used: Yes

Ending Hours: 127.9

EVA 1 Beginning Charge: 100%

EVA 1 Ending Charge: 88%

EVA 2 Beginning Charge: 100%

EVA 2 Ending Charge: 74%

Curiosity Rover Used: Yes

Ending Hours: 133.8

EVA 1 Beginning Charge: 100%

EVA 1 Ending Charge: 87%

EVA 2 Beginning Charge: 100%

EVA 2 Ending Charge: 72%

Notes on Rovers: None

ATVs Used: None

HabCar Used, Why, Where? Negative

Crew Car Used, Why, Where? Negative
General Notes and Comments: None

Summary of Internet: Internet is operating nominally

Summary of Suits and Radios: Communications were intermittent on two of the radios. Spent the afternoon troubleshooting.

Summary of Hab Operations: With noted exceptions, hab systems are operating nominally. The ventilation system air filter was replaced this morning.

Summary of GreenHab Operations: The automatic timer on the lights was out of sync due to the power outage of the last two days. I am resetting the time to correspond to the local clock time. Please refer to the GreenHab Report for further details.

Summary of RAM Operations: An air filter was taken from the RAM supply closet to replace the ventilation system air filter.

Summary of Observatory Issues: None

Summary of Health and Safety Issues: Please refer to the Health and Safety Report

Questions, concerns, and requests to Mission Support: We have no specific concerns or requests at this time

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