EVA Report – January 24th


MAU Crew 220 EVA Report 24JAN2020

EVA # 007

Author: John Hanacek

Purpose of EVA: Go to Scouted Site From EVA 003 and Engage In First Medical Simulation

Start time: 09:20

End time: ABORT 10:24

Narrative: Pre-EVA: Terrain is muddy, weather is overcast. MDRS crew commander Shawna “Night Owl” had stayed the night at MAU station as a first introduction to the next week when teams will switch. MDRS and MAU commanders briefed EVA plan at MAU before heading out.

MAU team left the airlock to await arrival of MDRS team in front of the MAU station. At 09:55 both teams head out to the previously scouted injury site (12s518287,4250596) for medical practice. Shortly after, an EVA team member expresses discomfort and pain in their arm. HSO assesses non-critical condition and plans are made to return that crewmember to MDRS hab and continue the EVA. Yet, communications then began to break down. The radio of the MDRS EVA crew leader was not operable and relay measures and hand signals were employed to get the affected crew member back to MDRS. The situation was slightly chaotic as it became clear that both crews were having difficulties reliably connecting to each other and habcom, both MDRS habcom and MAU habcom. The crews admirably attempted to continue, yet the decision was made to abort the EVA for safety reasons. The affected crewmember was able to completely recover inside MDRS station and all crew made it safely back into the MDRS hab.

The post-EVA debrief was extremely useful and gave the combined two station crews a chance to establish and solidify all safety mechanisms. Getting to experience an abort on a non-life-threatening medical condition gave the crews a real world test of abort protocols and has strengthened the overall ability of the crew to perform EVAs. Further testing of the radio characteristics and enhanced communication guidelines will ensure that future EVAs are bolstered by a rock solid abort plan to ensure that safety is first in the exploration of Mars.

Destination: Previously scouted EVA site, labeled “number 2”

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 12s518287,4250596

Participants: Hab Com: Susan EVA Crew: Morgan, Shawna

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Valley along Cow Dung Rd

Mode of travel: Walk from MDRS to MAU, plan to walk to injury site 2.

Support Requested: No support requested during EVA.

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