Sol Summary – January 24th


Crew 220 (MAU) Sol Summary Report 24JAN2020

Sol: 5

Summary Title: Fifth Sol Successfully Completed

Author’s name: Morgan Kainu

Mission Status: Educationally Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: MAU crew encountered communication setbacks during the morning EVA. Crew decided to postpone the first and second EVA of the day to meet up with MDRS crew and discuss communication strategies and practices for future EVAs. Preparations were made for deploying a crew member’s invention, the “golden bubble” pressurized field surgery system, for testing in future Medical EVAs.

Look Ahead Plan: Due to the comms setback during the EVA, the crew postponed the EVA for a later sol. Sol 6 will feature a day filled with in-hab science projects.

Anomalies in work: Muddy and snowy conditions caused need for special care to ensure stability of MAU station as well as traversing the terrain.

Weather: Overcast, low -4 C high 2 C, snowfall early morning, humidity: 86%, wind: 2 km/h

Crew Physical Status: Nominal

EVA: Aborted

Reports to be filed: Engineering, Commander, Photos

Support Requested: None at this stage

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