Commander Report Jan 25

MDRS Commander Report 25JAN2020

Sol 6

Author: Shawna Pandya, Commander

Title: A solset on MDRS, a solrise on MAU

Today was a different day – the MDRS and MAU crew rendezvoused at MAU station to focus on crew training, learning and growth. In the morning, the crews worked on personal growth exercises based on the book "The New Right Stuff" and went through the questions in the book. Next, after a team lunch, the medically trained personnel of the team took the rest of the crew through a medical simulation, followed by principles of medical triage in a trauma scenario, and practicing these drills. Next, one of the crew members demonstrated the use of their "Golden Bubble" device, designed to transport injured astronauts in a trauma scenario. The rest of the evening passed by with body-mapping artistic activities, training on a VR device, being briefed on communications in the field and a "Grand Rounds" academic presentation.

Every day on Mars brings its challenges, but plants do not blossom without rain. For this crew’s personal growth, life on Mars -is- the rain.

On a personal note, tomorrow myself and the XO move out to take command of MAU station. We are impressed with what the current crew has achieved, and knowing XO Svensoy and working with him as well as I do, we very much look forward to conducting MAU Operations as a team.

Till the Next Sol,

Commander Pandya

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