Sol Summary Report Jan 25

Crew 220 Sol 6 Summary Report 25-01-2020

Sol: 6

Summary Title: Science day in Hab

Author’s name: Johannes Svensoy, MD.

Mission Status: Indoorsily Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: The day started with a joint briefing between the two Crews after MAU Crew came over to the MDRS Hab. Both Crews presented parts of the New Right Stuff book with further discussion around each crew member’s personal mission and how both Crews could support each other here on Mars. After lunch the rest of the day was set for medical training. After doing a trauma exercise with an ankle trauma, the whole Crew was trained in both first and secondary assessment based on the P-MARCH-P protocol. The Crew trained on trauma cases using the training briefed. The whole crew was trained on using the Golden Bubble pressurized medevac device and how to implement this into Medical EVA missions for future medical EVA drills. The Crew has also grown Kombucha in the Science lab, which after a few days of growing was tested and also analyzed for both bacterial growth.

Look Ahead Plan: On Sol 7 there is a planned change of Stations, meaning both Crews will change stations, a few of the crewmembers are going into a simulated quarantine.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Overcast, no precipitation. Average 0C, high 2C, low +3C, 10% chance of precipitation.

Crew Physical Status: Well, excited for the days ahead.

EVA: None today.

Reports to be filed:

Sol Summary

Commander’s Report

Photo Report

Operations Report

GreenHab Report

EVA Request

Support Requested: More toilet paper please (down to last rations).

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