EVA Report – January 26th

Crew 220 EVA Report 26Jan2020

EVA # 1

Author: Johannes Svensoy, MD

Purpose of EVA: Moving personnel and equipment between MDRS and MAU Stations.

Start time: 1500

End time: 1700


PRE-EVA: Midday was used to pack and to go through equipment. All EVA Crew were hydrated and fed before leaving for EVA. The terrain here on Mars is muddy, however with no addition precipitation it is drying up some places.


The airlock was loaded with personnel and equipment before depressurization, which was done without problems. Spirit and Curiosity rovers were used to move equipment over to MAU Station. After returning the rovers, the crewmembers walked over to MAU station doing some very nice terrain observations and photos on the way.

Destination: MAU Station

Coordinates: 4250050,518500

Participants: HabComm: Connie. EVA Crew: Johannes, Shawna, and Morgan.

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Entrance road out to Cow Dung Road. Cow Dung Road South to MAU station.

Mode of travel: EVA with rover to move equipment.

Support Requested: No support requested during EVA.

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