Sol Summary – January 26th

Crew 220 (MDRS) Sol Summary 22Jan2020

Sol: 7

Summary Title: Soulful Sol

Author’s name: Connie Delisle

Mission Status: Marsvellously Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

The day started with a joint briefing and breakfast between the two Crews after MAU Crew came over to the MDRS Hab. The nature of this Mission intentionally provides opportunity for joint EVAs and learning opportunities in order to observe and discuss the nature of small-larger group human factor interaction. Today’s morning activities included medical training on the METHANE procedure, additional drilling on the P-MARCH-P, and a training session on CRP and bagging (resuscitation). Crew members reported learning a great deal and appreciating the hands-on practice and drilling. Today’s activities with a smaller Crew followed the planned schedule and timing more closely than in previous days. In addition, the Crew reported being more relaxed and feeling less hurried between planned events.

Look Ahead Plan: Sol 8 includes a full schedule, starting at 07:00 for breakfast and MDRS-MAU Commander briefing on the day’s events. Following will be a Medical EVA near the MDRS Hab, serving as the initial field test of the “Golden Bubble.” This ground-breaking technology enabled innovation represents the culmination of several months of intense design work. The evening events will include: social science research (nutrition study, psycho-social study on willingness to go to Mars and a “Grand Rounds” technical presentation Sensory Illusion Cognitive Bias and False Memory from one of the Crew members who is a medical doctor.

Weather: Tonight, cloudy skies with a lowest temperature around -2°C, with a 40% chance of snow. The average highest temperature during the day until Saturday is 5°C, and the lowest during the night would be around -4°C.

Crew Physical Status: The Crew has been working hard and is somewhat fatigued. However, they were bolstered by the wonderful day on Mars.

EVA: One afternoon EVA was conducted, starting at MDRS to MAU Station, with a return to MDRS at 17:30.

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