Commander Report – January 27th


Crew 220 Commander Report 27Jan2020

Author: Connie Delisle, Commander

Title: Out of this World Medical Training

Sol 8 marked a shift from knowing about medical assessment tools to using them. What better way to close the “knowing -doing” gap than by learning from a team of two international medical doctors. Johannes Svensøy from Norway and Shawna Pandya from Canada first explained and then lead the Crew through simulated medical emergencies during today’s morning and afternoon EVA’s. Crews practised P-MARCH-P for primary trauma survey followed by more advanced techniques called the “Secondary Survey” and “SAMPLE”. Crew’s really applied themselves to put learning into action, as well as continuing to improve radio and communication skills.

XO Wise keep extremely busy – from handling daily operations, cleaning floors on top of participating in the morning medical training EVAs. History was made as the Crew tested XO Wise’s invention – “the Golden Bubble” – for the very first time under extreme conditions on Mars. XO Wise remarked that, “I was super excited to see it used in the field”. This sentiment was shared by the Crew and we look forward to hearing about the prototype’s advancement.

Between EVAs, afternoon science, evening science the schedule continues to offer challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth. I’ve put together a series of electronic folders and to facilitate sharing of the Mission information, the Crew has open access to the folders / files through a USB key. This has enabled Commander Shawna and to collaborate efficiently and effectively. I am learning a great deal from her along with XO Svensøy, XO Wise and the Crew.

I am grateful for this opportunity to learn, share and expand my appreciation for my colleagues expertise, contributions and insights.

Commander Delisle

MDRS Station

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