Sol Summary – January 27th


Author’s name: Connie Delisle

Mission Status: Phenominal

Sol 8 Activity Summary:

The day started with a joint briefing and breakfast between the MAU and MDRS Crew. Today’s morning activities were designed to help the Crew put the medical training on three assessment techniques: P-MARCH-P, Secondary Site Survey and SAMPLE procedure. Crew members assessed the condition of simulated victims, and for the first time, used XO Wise’s “Golden Bubble”. The point clearly hit home – that there are many different challenges in assessing, recovering and transporting a patient on Mars.

Look Ahead Plan: Sol 9 includes another first on this Mission, a Geological EVA. First, the Crew will be briefed on soil collection procedures by Crew Member and Researcher, Morgan Kainu. Second, the Crew will attend the Science Dome to partake in soil sampling research. This includes testing soil textures and other properties along with using a black light.

Anomalies in work: The weather report did not indicate the warmth of the sun and had to redo the compression/decompression sequence at MDRS to take off cold weather clothing. Also, the wind between 011:00 and 17:00 was markedly higher than previous days, with gust estimated at 25 MPH. The Crew adapted by securing their equipment and also doing two rendezvous at MAU station. Some remedial work was needed there to ensure that the equipment was secured.

Weather: Tonight, clear skies with a lowest temperature later this evening around -6°C, with a 0% chance of snow. The average highest temperature during the day is expected to reach 5°C.

Crew Physical Status: Commanders and Crew worked very hard today – both mentally and physically. However, there is a sense of satisfaction operations become more efficient and training, science and EVAs become more prominent.

EVA: One morning and one afternoon EVA was conducted, all in front of the MDRS Station.

Reports to be filed:

Commanders Report
Sol Summary
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