Commander Report – January 28th

MAU Crew 220

Title: I Saw the Science, and It Opened Up My Eyes

Author: Shawna Pandya, Commander

Today, in a word, ROCKED…and I am not just saying that because it was our geological EVA and sampling day. MAU and MDRS stations sent out a joint science team consisting of myself, XO Svensoy, MDRS Engineer Wise and MDRS Science Officer/Journalise Kainu. The day was a productive one, with our team managing to collect 5 samples across two site, including Kissing Camel Ridge and North Ridge – no small feat consider the North-South spread of these two sites. We were lucky, as the Sol was sunny and beautiful, and the beauty of the Martian diaspora with its red marbled landscapes stretched out to greet us. Words do not do it justice. One does not just describe Mars…one must experience it.

On a lighter note, XO Svensoy delighted and amazed us all by juggling while on EVA (is this the first time this was done on Mars?). Of course, one cannot be too impressed, everything is easier in 1/3rd gravity!

Tonight marks two additional happy occasions.First of all, MAU Engineer Waipiti returns from quarantine. Next, we begin our MAU Ambassadors program, wherein we host a visiting MDRS officer overnight to learn more about Station’s programming, culture and operations. We begin by hosting MDRS Science Officer Kainu, and cannot wait to welcome her to our humble little station. Tomorrow will be day of station operations and maintenance, followed by some afternoon EVAs.

Looking forward,

Commander Pandya
Callsign: Nightowl
MAU Station

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