Journalist Report – January 28th

Crew 220 MDRS Journalist Report 28Jan2020

Author: Morgan Kainu, Crew Journalist

Sol 9

Title: We Will We Will Rock You


Today marked a very exciting day for the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) crew and Mars Academy USA (MAU) crew – our very first Geological Extra Vehicular Activity (GEVA). Both crews briefed over breakfast together at the MDRS station before setting out via rover towards the two designated geological soil sampling sites at 010:30.

The two crews were able to collect an ample amount of interesting terrain/soil samples from two sites along the Martian landscape ("Kissing Camel Ridge" and "North Ridge") for further analysis back at the science dome. Upon their return, the crew debriefed the rest of the crew members at MDRS about their extravehicular activity before everyone joined together in the Science Dome for soil sampling and stratification analysis followed by viewing our samples under the Foldscope portable microscope.

To conclude a long day and and unwind, the crews joined together for dinner and a well deserved movie: The Martian.

Morgan Kainu, BA; MDRS Journalist Crew 220

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