Astronomy Report – February 5th

Astronomy Report

Name: Ghanim Alotaibi

Crew: 221
Date: 05 Feb 2020

The dome of the robotic observatory was found to be open this morning. The observatory director received reports, and the crew astronomer saw the open dome. Observatory director solved the problem.

Today morning the first photometry measurement on V CAS was performed. The photometry measurement was found to be 10.766. Another request was submitted for V CAS.

A search pattern for the discovery project was identified based on empty location by a map provided by the Minor Planet Center. The search pattern is as follow:

Patter # (Re, Dec) Pattern # (Re, Dec) Pattern # (Re, Dec)
1 (14:00:00, 35:00:00) 2 (14:30:00, 35:00:00) 3 (14:90:00, 35:00:00)
4 (14:00:00, 35:30:00) 5 (14:30:00, 35:30:00) 6 (14:90:00, 35:30:00)
7 (14:00:00, 35:90:00) 8 (14:30:00, 35:90:00) 9 (14:90:00, 14:90:00)


Robotic Telescope Requested MDRS-14

Objects to be Imaged this Evening: V CAS and Discovery Pattern (see above for coordinates)

Problems Encountered: for the discovery patterns, only 6 patterns were submitted. Skynet didn’t permit the modification of the declination. Crew astronomer submitted the coordinates until pattern 6 only. Problem communicated by email to observatory director.

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