Astronomy Report – February 08th

Astronomy Report

Name: Ghanim Alotaibi

Crew: 221
Date: 08 Feb 2020

A Photometry measurement was submitted yesterday for V CAS (measurement performed 5 Feb). The V Mag was found to be 10.766 with an error of 0.0044.

The following table shows the new search pattern

(Re, Dec) (Re, Dec) (Re, Dec)
(15:00:00, +30:00:00) (15:03:00, +30:00:00) (15:06:00, +30:00:00)
(15:00:00, +30:45:00) (15:03:00, +30:45:00) (15:06:00, +30:45:00)
(15:00:00, +31:30:00) (15:03:00, +31:30:00) (15:06:00, +31:30:00)


Robotic Telescope Requested MDRS-14

Objects to be Imaged this Evening:

  1. V CAS
  2. Search pattern (submitted today): Only the first raw was submitted to familiarize the crew astronomer with the analysis procedure using Astroimage J.
  3. V0960 Mon (Submitted today).

Images submitted with this report:

  1. The attached image is the uncalibrated image taken by the MDRS-14 as per the request for Skynet mentioned in astronomy report 3 Feb 2020.
  2. The attached image is the uncalibrated image for V0960 MON.

Problems Encountered: The data pic for V0960 MON contains many stars with doughnut shape.

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