Science Report – November 25th

Crew 221 Science Report 08-FEB-20
Crew Science Officer: Hemani Kalucha

1. Microbiology Research
Today, we tried to investigate the samples with bacteria growth under a microscope. One of the results was very exciting and is attached in the photo report.

2. ISRU project
Today, we tested the nutrient levels of the soil being used to grow black corn. We used a soil test kit, which involved putting in soil and water and a specific nutrient capsule (Phosphorous, Potassium, Nitrogen). The solution then changed to a specific shade after 10 minutes, and we could identify the state of soil healthy by looking at the coloured scale provided for each nutrient.

3. Mung Beans

We planted Mungbeans in 3 variations of soil, 100% martian soil, 50% martian soil and 50% earth soil, 70% earth soil and 30% martian soil. The soil used was from the EVA conducted at Condor Chasma yesterday. After planting, we inserted a conductivity probe and measured the salinity and water content of the soil with Arduino sensors. We need to convert the relative values to actual units.

4. Radio Communication

Crew Engineer constructed an antenna and got the radio to receive signals in the hab today! The antenna is 20 metres long, and it is in the RAM right now. It was listening at 40 m and 80 m wavelengths today, and managed to capture some interesting conversation all the way from Phoenix, Arizona: 465 miles away!

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