Sol Summary – April 12th

Crew 245 Sol Summary Report 12-04-2021

Sol: 2

Summary Title: Before the Simulation

Author’s name: Shayna Hume

Mission Status: Executive Officer

Sol Activity Summary:

– Woke up to “Good Morning” by Kanye
– Early morning hours: exploring the kitchen (no can opener at the time), making breakfasts and coffees, and talking about our thoughts on the start of the sim
– Late morning hours: met up with Dr. Rupert, began to do our trainings. Had an excellent and lively discussion. Felt confident in our pre-knowledge for the station.
– Noon: took the training quiz and passed as a team.
– Late lunch: Chef Julio prepared spiced potato au gratin and potato soup. We mixed the two together and it was wonderful. Running a bit late to meet with Dr. Rupert. Took photos of a group meal for GSI!
– Mid-afternoon: Tarped the tunnels between the hab buildings quickly as a team. Continued to our atv and rover training – what a blast! Do not use the kill switch. Aside: my (Hume) callsign is now “Killswitch.” I couldn’t be more pleased. After this, split while Dr. Rupert went to help/look for Atila. Tried on flight and spacesuits, figured out helmets. Got some great photos!
– Late afternoon: As we wait for formal last trainings with Dr. Rupert, each of us took on the below tasks:
Crew Engineer and Commander: Heater (filter replacement pending) & operations report
HSO and Commander: HSO Inspection
XO: Report-writing
Scientist and Botanist: Cleaning the lab.

– Evening: Meeting with Shannon to review spacesuits, assignments, and radio protocols while in EVA. Took photos, began dinner, sent this report.

Look Ahead Plan: We intend to begin sim overnight. We will be ready to begin sim just before we retire for the evening so this makes practical sense. Today was an exciting day, because although we aren’t in sim, we are 90% of the way there. The main difference is that we are still going outside at this time. We are eating in sim, using internet in sim, and working together in sim. We are ready to begin EVA’s tomorrow. It’s beyond exciting to be about to start our first analog mission, and the energy is definitely running through the crew. We have a vision of being able to work together as a crew many times in future, and this is the precipice of beginning that journey.

Anomalies in work: n/a

Weather: Warm in daytime, around 40 F at nighttime. Clear weather.

Crew Physical Status: No issues. HSO First Day Report coming in.

EVA: n/a

Reports to be filed: HSO First Report, Operations, EVA Plan

Support Requested: n/a

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