Commander Report – April 1st

Crew 227 Commander Report 1st April 2022
SOL: 5
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Our day started quite well with breakfast at 08h00 as usual. Julien analysed our sleep data, and we ate some porridge with dry bananas and dried raisins and some milk. This was quite good!

Between 9h00 and 12h00, we all worked on our personal experiments. Julie was preparing the match of the afternoon, Audrey prepared her antibiotics, Ignacio discovered the telescope, Jean did some analysis on his data, Cheyenne completed her excel to study the growing of her plants, Sirga wrote for her journalist report, Julien and I worked on the drone plan. Quite a busy morning!

At lunch, Sirga prepared 2 plates based on some eggs and chicken. In one of the plates, she added some mixed worms. The goal was to deduce in which plate they were added. As crazy as it could be, the one with the mixed worms had more success than the other one, it was tastier.

At 13h00, a part of the team started to prepare for the EVA of the day. Unfortunately, due to a bad satellite connection last night, we had bad communication with the capcom and we misunderstood the approval of the EVA request. The EVA was, in fact, not accepted. Therefore, we cancelled it at the last minute. I have to say that the team was very disappointed, but we are prepared for these types of unforeseen events.

Due to this cancelled EVA, we had to discuss all together to think back on our schedule so everyone will be able to achieve his/her experiment. We also spent some time looking at the damaged spacesuit. Actually, it was only the charger that was damaged. Therefore, the battery was not charged enough.

After this, around 16h00, we had a match for the experiment of Julie. This time, it was Julien (Team Anat) against me (Team Engineering). The two fractures were quite difficult but Julie said that we did a really good job! The winner is not yet known. Unfortunately, I think that Julien has a small advantage. We will see tonight!

Now, we are all writing our reports for the capcom window. I hope that the satellite connection will be better than yesterday. Indeed, it was quite difficult to communicate correctly with the capcom and to transfer some pictures.

Regarding the famous pizzas, they were quite good and it was good for the morale of the crew.

In regard to the station, everything seems nominal.

Finally, the morale of the team is still intact and motivated. Tonight, we will also play cards game since everyone enjoyed it last night.

Hope that tomorrow will be as sunny as today so that Ignacio will continue to perform amazing observations.

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