Journalist Report – April 1st

Sunny day on the Hab – Journalist Report
Crew 227 Journalist Report 1st April 2022
Sol: 5
Name of the person filling the report : Sirga Drouet

Dear earthling, this is the Journalist Report from Sol 5 on Mars!

Last night before going to sleep Julie had a little scare! Julien, the clever one, put a creepy doll’s head in her room as a joke ! She turned on her lamp and jumped as Julien shouted : April fools!!!! Good old Juju. We start to feel what it implies to be alone but in correspondence with the Cape Comm to ensure us an optimal safety. Being far from everyone is sometimes synonymous with a very bad satellite connection and constrains us in our window of contact with you, our planet…

Today the sun brought us some good news, Ignacio was able to use the Musk Solar Observatory. We couldn’t hear each other anymore, he was so happy and enthusiastic to see our star. After breakfast, fortunately, he left faster than lightning!

So Ignacio, how does it feel to see the sun so close?
Ignacio : At first I knew it was the sun, I saw a red dot. I thought I was looking in the wrong place, but after a quick reflection and a better adjustment, TADAM the sun in all its splendor!

And what can you see on the sun?
Ignacio : Today I saw the chromosphere that corresponds to the "surface" of the sun and the prominence that are gases ejected into space. It’s quite incredible to be able to observe this live!

On our side, we took the time to clean the Hab and to do some stretching for some of us in order to stay in shape

This noon I had a surprise! Most of the team preferred the insect meal, an omelette ! Amazing, real pioneers!

This afternoon Julie also concocted a surprise for us, maybe to get back at Julien! A surgery battle that was not in our planning. The goal : to be in the stress of the unexpected. Julien against Cyril. However, despite the additional stress, both teams improved. I am happy to announce that none of the patients died! Youhouuuu ! Apparently Julien did better than Cyril but we won’t go into that because they are already arguing about who did better than the other. Ahh the boys and the competition…

We begin to enter in a small routine but every day is always different, we learn to tame our environment.

Everyone is doing well, it’s not today that a mutiny or a group problem could happen. We all love each other very much, how sweet ! I would still like to kick Ignacio if he starts snoring near my ear again it might be for tonight! I feel that if I do that I am going to be scolded by Julien because I risk disturbing the sleep of my room neighbor… Besides tonight we are hypnotized, I am excited to see Julien’s power!

See you tomorrow!
Sirga !

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