Commander Report – April 2nd

Crew 227 Commander Report 2nd April 2022
SOL: 6
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

This morning, everyone was very motivated for the EVA. Indeed, the goal of this EVA was to go on an exploration to discover an unexplored canyon so we could give it a name.

After a good breakfast, the EVA team composed of Julien, Sirga, Cheyenne, Ignacio, and Audrey entered the decompression room at 09h25.

During that time, Julie, Jean, and I had a good discussion about our life and future goals. Then, we worked on our side on our experiments.

At 12h00, the EVA team came back. After some research, they finally managed to see the canyon. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the time to achieve the area. Therefore, if the Capcom and the weather allow it, we plan to go with another team to achieve the area by foot and take a picture with our flag.

Since the EVA crew of the day already went quite close, tomorrow’s team should achieve it without issues regarding the information acquired during the first exploration.

At lunch, we ate some rice with dried peas and tuna. It was very tasty!
After, a part of the crew took some rest. Julien, Jean, Ignacio, and I worked on our personal experiment. Jean did some analysis on our metabolism, Julien analysed our sleep, Ignacio used the 3D printer to build a setup for Cheyenne’s experiment and I did some Python code to build a 3D mesh from drone pictures.

At 16h00, we ate a chocolate cake. As a huge fan of chocolate (we are Belgian you know), we were so happy! That was a great moment, we discussed a lot of different subjects and laugh a lot.

Now, as every day, we are doing our reports for the CapCom windows.

Today, the weather was quite cloudy, so Ignacio was not able to make some observations with the telescope. He was quite disappointed, but he is keeping his natural positive spirit.

Tomorrow, we will have Emily’s visit. She is a journalist from Moab and she would like to write an article about what is a typical day for an analogue astronaut at the MDRS. We are looking forward to meeting her.

Regarding the station, everything is nominal. Julien took care of the toilet and the water.

The moral is better than never thanks to the chocolate cake!

Looking forward to tomorrow’s exploration.

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