Commander Report – April 6th

Crew 227 Commander Report 6th April 2022
SOL: 10
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Cookie day today!

The day started with breakfast at 08h00 with the breakfast. We ate some cereals with dried milk and dried apples with some cinnamon. As usual, Julien studied our sleep and Jean did some analysis of our metabolism.

Last night we caught a huge rodent so, during breakfast, we had a discussion to know what to do with him: kill him or release it during the EVA. The concern was that if we released him we were afraid he would end up coming back but on the other hand half of the team didn’t want to kill him. So, we decided to release him and we hope he won’t come back.

At 9h00, a part of the crew went on EVA. The goal was to perform a match on the experiment of Julie. This time it was Sirga against Julien. Therefore, the group was constituted of Julien, Sirga, Jean, Julie, and Audrey. Julien won the match. The EVA ends at 10h30. Julie and Sirga have extended the EVA in order to release the rodent. The crew was happy that this rodent is now out of the station.

At lunch, we ate some soup and then some fried potatoes. After, everyone worked on his/her personal experiment.

At 16h00, Julien and Sirga cooked some cookies and Sirga added her best ingredient: some worms! In the end, we don’t really taste it and the cookies were really tasty!

Then, we worked again on our different experiments until 18h30.

Now, we are doing our reports for the Capom window.

Tonight, we would like to continue our sky observations and try to take some time-lapse of the stars.

Regarding the mood of the team, it was a bit tense at the breakfast with the rodent argument but everything quickly went down and with the cookies, the morale of the team is now as good as usual.

Regarding the station, except for the invasion of rodents (we can still hear other ones) and a small issue with the SOC (now fixed), everything is nominal.

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