Journalist Report – April 6th

[Clear Sky] Journalist Report
Crew 227 Journalist Report 6 April 2022
Sol : 10
Name of the person filing the report: Sirga Drouet

Hello Earth, this is Mars on sol 10.

Imagine, putting on your scarf, and going out of a lighted room to the Observatory.

The moment when your eyes acclimatize to the brightness is incredible. In the beginning, a few lights, then the dark night turns into a Milky Way where the number of luminous points is incalculable, the shooting stars pass by, we are there to contemplate the universe which offers itself to us, suggests us a tiny part of its immensity. This vision gives us the desire to travel through space and not just stand there.

We are there to cultivate the silence without anything interfering and time is no longer a dimension in our eyes. This is the moment we experienced last night before giving way to sleep.

This morning the dawn came to tickle our sleeping eyes and the feeling that everything is possible in the first hours of the day takes us back.

But we have other projects that take us out of our dreams.

Today EVA walked to North Bridge for Julien’s last game against me. We climbed hills that changed color as the day goes by. This morning it was red then orange. As we climbed, the sun brightened them more and more and we were at the challenge point.

Thanks to our training we were faster, more efficient and confident. We went straight back home after this escapade. After lunch, everyone had their stuff. For my part I made cookies with my accomplice for the snack without saying that they were filled with insects, the team saw only fire and my stratagem worked wonderfully hehe.

The day passed at one of its speeds and it is already time for Cap Comm.

It’s always a pleasure to wake up in March and I hope that tomorrow will be fruitful.

See you soon

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