Research Report – April 6th

Astronomy Report

Name: Ignacio Sánchez Casla
Crew: 227

Sky Conditions: Clear
Wind Conditions: windy

Observation Start Time: None
Observation End Time: None

Summary: Solar Observatory was not used today

Objects Viewed: None
Problems Encountered: None


Robotic Telescope Requested: MLC-RCOS16

Objects to be imaged this evening:
– Messier 51
– Messier 64
– Messier 57
– Messier 101
– NGC 7023
same as always
Images submitted with this report: None, still working on the Photoshop

Errors Encountered: None

Thank you for the tips that you gave me yesterday. I am going with the Photoshop option although I am still working on it. I may have been over-processing the images…

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