Commander's Report – April 8th

Last but not least!

Today was quite amazing. It was the last day of our simulation and everyone was a bit sad and at the same time excited and proud of what we accomplished.

In the morning, as usual, we had a good breakfast. Then, at 09h00, a part of the crew went for the last EVA. This group was composed of Cyril, Jean, Ignacio, Sirga, Julie. The weather was perfect for that EVA, a huge sun with no wind!

Also, the landscape was amazing.

At 12h30, we ate some soup with some homemade bread, the last one. We enjoyed it and had a good discussion.

At 14h30, the simulation ended and we started cleaning the station.

I would like to thank my team who did an extraordinary job and with whom I wish to realize many more missions and adventures.

This experience has changed my life and I can’t thank MARS UCLouvain enough as well as the Mars Society and Dr. S. Rupert for allowing me to do this adventure!

See you soon for new challenges!

Best regards,


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