EVA Report – April 8th

Crew 227 EVA Report 08/04/2022
SOL: 12
Name of person filing report: Jean Jacobs

Author: Jean Jacobs

Purpose of EVA: Exploration of Candor Chasma for data gathering.

Start time: 9:00 am

End time: 12:00 pm

Narrative: Exploration of Candor Chasma, Ignacio wore a ECG measuring device. The discovery proved to be physically demanding and the data will probably show an intense cardiac activity. Cyril was able to fly with the drone following the indications from the other team members.

Destination: Candor Chasma

Coordinates: 425100 N ; 520500 E

Participants: Cyril, Ignacio, Jean, Julie, Sirga

Roads and routes per MDRS map: Cow Dung Rd 0110, Galileo Rd 1104

Mode of travel: Curiosity, Perseverance, Spirit

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