Commander Report – April 11th

many events to report for our report of Sol 1.

Due to the lack of information about the last three packages, we decided this morning to wait one last day "out-of-sim" in case a trip to Salt lake city is in order to pick them up. Luckily the situation was resolved around lunchtime, with the confirmation that private couriers have picked up the packages and will deliver them tomorrow eventually.

We spent the day planning and preparing the experiments for the next days and fixing different small hardware failures that affect the habitat and the mission tools. That included the water sensor, the batteries of three different suits, and one of the steps of the stair to the upper deck.

We had our first amazing meal cooked by Crew Journalist Benjamin Pothier, we are thinking to elect him the official SMOPS mission chef.

In the afternoon we also performed a full 3D scan of the RAM module, to test our advanced handheld lidar 3D scanner.

High winds are still hitting the habitat pretty hard. The external airlock door has been slammed open destroying the left wooden barrier. We have been able to close and secure back the door, but the situation was too dangerous to attempt repairs of the barrier.

The simulation will officially start tomorrow morning at 7.30 am. Two crew members, (XO Paolo Guardabasso and Crew Eng Luca Rossettini) will need to break the sim for about 1 hour to recover the last shipped objects as soon as they are delivered.

Commander out,

Vittorio Netti

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