Journalist Report – April 19th

(sator arepo tenet opera rotas)
Crew 245 Journalist report 19 April 2022
Sol: 09
Name of person filling the report: Dr Benjamin Pothier

Our sol 9 might have gone upside down and from 9 to 6 due to the heavy winds that we had to face this afternoon. It was in fact so heavy that no teams went on EVA and even at some point in the afternoon I think that everyone had to take a little nap just to enjoy the comfort of our private room where the sound of the exterior was less loud.

I was in fact the first to wake up very early this morning in order to catch the sunrise from the bay window of the science Lab in order to take some time lapse and still photos.

As I said the afternoon was very windy and when not taking a nap crew members took care of their experiment and duties. Most of us at some point went to see Simone working in the science lab on his DNA research on the soil samples he had been collecting conscientiously for the past few days, like Arepo leading the plough with his hand. So in a way maybe the wind indeed pushed our sol 9 upside down, but by our work we made it full circle and back to its starting position, in a full 360°, like the spherical images of my 360 camera that I am currently processing .

A full circle, yes, that was a great day on Mars.

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