Crew 265 Sol Summary 24 APR 2022

[Crew 265 Sol Summary April 24th]

Crew 265 Sol Summary Report 04/24/22

Sol: 0

Summary Title: Arrival at MDRS

Author’s Name: Marc Levesque, Crew Commander

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Crew 265 arrived at MDRS over the weekend and settled into the Hab this afternoon. Three water runs were made to fill the water tank, with a potential fourth run required before going into sim. Some of the crew tried on their EVA gear, with the rest scheduled for tomorrow. The crew also expressed their appreciation for the fast Internet service.

Look Ahead Plan: The crew will meet with Station Director Rupert to complete their orientation on EVAs and Rovers and will conduct an additional water run if needed. Following that, we expect to go into sim at noon.

Anomalies in work: None

Crew Physical Status: Good and excited to be starting their mission.

EVA: None

Reports to be filed:

Sol Summary

Operations Report

HSO Report

Support Requested: None

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