EVA Report – April 26th

Crew 265 EVA Report 26-04-2022

EVA # 2

Author: Laude

Purpose of EVA: To capture comparison coordinates, check road conditions, and test repeater operation.

Start time: 13:30

End time: 17:05

Narrative: We had a timely start and made some comm checks along the way to The Peanut. The Peanut is actually a ridge about 8M in height, 20M in-depth, and 100M in width and somewhat resembling a peanut on its side. Coordinates were recorded in 3 systems of coordinates for later comparison. We then returned to the rovers and drove to where Lowell Rd 1104 should intercept Galileo Rd 1104 and stopped. Galileo road conditions were mostly smooth with a few rougher spots requiring a crawl.

Laude walked the area to find the best access to Lowell Rd as there has been little traffic to make a noticeable trail at that point. Finding a probable route, we drove to what was obviously Lowell Rd and went some 2KM all the while logging GPS coordinates. Lowell road conditions were similar to Galileo’s except narrower.

A semi-skilled or better rover driver would be able to drive these roads. At that point, Percy (one passenger) was down to 74% SOC while Spirit (two) was 94% and so we doubled back to find easy access into Candor Chasm on foot. We entered the Chasm and traveled ~1.5KM testing radio comms and logging data as we went. There were blocks of conglomerate rock composed of pebbles and coarse sand particles indicating water flow in the distant past. Also, the stratigraphy of the walls indicated water flow. No other signs of liquid water were apparent. After completion, we traveled back to the hab. The EVA was completely successful and rewarding.

Destination: The Peanut and Candor Chasm

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): UTM NAD27 CONUS 0519598 4252491 (The Peanut); 0520347 4251078 (Candor Chasm entrance)

Participants: EVA Commander Laude, Iakymov, Treadwell

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road to Galileo Road to Lowell Road if accessible and return

Mode of travel: Spirit and Perseverance and on foot

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