Operations Report – April 26th

Crew 265 Operations Report Sol 2 26-04-2022


Name of person filing report: Dave Laude/Sergii Iakymov

Non-nominal systems: Furnace, suit #8

Notes on non-nominal systems: Furnace is functional and we remain cautious over its limiting to early morning only. The suit has blown a fuse during our mission while on the table.


Spirit rover used: Yes

Hours: 173.6

Beginning charge: 100%

Ending charge: 86%

Currently charging: Yes

Opportunity rover used: No


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging: Yes

Curiosity rover used: No


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging: Yes

Perseverance rover used: Yes

Hours: 235.7

Beginning charge: 100

Ending charge: 68

Currently charging: Yes

General notes and comments:
Summary of Hab operations:

Water (static tank): Not full. ~445 gallons.

Water (loft tank): 25 gallons

Water Meter: 158080.8units
Static to Loft Pump used – No

Static tank pipe heater (on or off): Off

Static tank heater (On or off): Off

Toilet tank emptied: No
Summary of internet: Nominal

Summary of suits and radios: Batteries charging.

Suite #8 has a blown fuse and loose wires. One of the suit chargers has a loose wire as well. Both will be repaired, but the source of the blown fuse is a mystery at the moment. We have a bag of spares.

Two suit batteries labeled as bad were tested and had low capacity at 2.5-3.5 A-hr. Two unlabeled and non-boxed batteries were tested at 2.9-4.7 A-hr. There are more unlabeled that I assume are deficient and not planning to test, but can test them if needed. I am now testing a boxed and apparently new battery.

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