EVA Report – April 29th

Crew 265 EVA Report 29-04-2022

EVA # 5

Author: Levesque

Purpose of EVA: Communications testing and road condition evaluation.

Start time: 0930

End time: 1345

Narrative: The EVA team drove along Cow Dung Road testing radio communications along the way using the project radios via the repeater on North Ridge and a simplex MDRS channel. Upon parking the rovers at the entrance to the dinosaur quarry, the team proceeded on foot down into Lith Canyon. During their trek along the canyon floor and its south rim, several communication checks were made with the Hab to test the project repeater and the MDRS radio channel. Radio contacts continued on the project radios via the repeater, but none were achieved on the simplex MDRS channel because of the terrain. It wasn’t until the team reached a high point on the south rim that contact was re-established on the MDRS channel, where line of sight communications could be obtained. After completing the testing, the team returned to the rovers and traveled back to the Hab. About a mile from the Hab, the Opportunity rover overheated and had to stop for 10 minutes before proceeding. It did so again just short of its parking space in front of the station and had to be pushed to its recharge station.

Destination: Lith Canyon

Coordinates: UTM NAD27 CONUS 0518270 4256052

EVA Participants: Levesque, Iakymov, Blanco

Road(s) and Routes per MDRS map: Cow Dung Road to Quarry Road and return.

Mode of Travel: Opportunity and Perseverance and on foot.

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