Journalist Report – April 11th

CREW279 – Journalist Report – 11APR2023

Journalist Report, Aglaé Sacré, crew journalist

SOL9: A starry sky

This morning three members of the team did an EVA to make a new mapping for Augustin’s experiment!
During this time, the rest of the team took the opportunity to spend a quiet morning and work on the beginning of the results analysis of their respective experiments.

The 3D printer has finished printing the first part of Augustin’s experiment with LunariaOne! The result is great, we can’t wait to show you! The purpose of this object would be to collect lunar soil (regolith).

This afternoon, we organized the rest of the mission’s EVA’s so that all the experiments would be finished on time!

In the evening, Ttele organized a series of games to relax all together, a great moment of cohesion in order to bring us even closer together!
The sky was incredible yesterday, our astronomer took the opportunity to capture the moment.

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