Sol Summary – April 11th

Crew 279 Sol Summary Report 11-04-2023
Sol: 9
Summary Title:
Author’s name: Antoine de Barquin Crew Commander
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
Today was another very hot day and we reached 82°F. That’s why the EVA team started like yesterday at 8am. The purpose of this expedition was to check the bacteria Agnes had deposited on the top of the North Ridge. Two mappings were also made to complete Augustin’s map. Towards the end of the EVA we observed footprints that we believe belong to a feline. We will have to determine which animal it is.
The afternoon was the opportunity for some of the crew members to process the data already collected for our experiments. And for the other part to realize some shots requested by Belgian media.
Finally Gwenael and Augustin worked together on the elaboration of a 3D printed regolith collector in the framework of the collaboration with Lunaria One. The first part will be finished today.
Look Ahead Plan:
To complete Augustin’s study we will go to SOL 10 in the Somerville Overlook region to simulate a coronal mass ejection releasing a large amount of energetic particles into space. The goal of this simulation will be to test the protocol of reaction to this type of incident by quickly using the drone to find an area protecting us from radiation.
A second EVA will be organized in the afternoon.During a Martian mission on SOL 3, the Kissing Kamel Ridge was thoroughly mapped and some interesting cavities were found that could potentially protect humans from radiation. Augustin plans to test the accuracy of his 3D model by taking measurements in the field, with the help of Ttele and GPS data. Agnès will use this opportunity to study microorganisms that may be living in the cavities, comparing them to microorganisms exposed to radiation in the same field. This could contribute to her research on extremophiles and their ability to survive in harsh conditions. The viability of these microorganisms will be compared to those found on Mars.
The regolith collector will normally be finished tomorrow and Gwenael will be able to start testing the propeller on a 3D printer for his experiment
Anomalies in work: nun-functional robotic observatory and the battery wires of Opportunity needs to be replaced
Weather: Sunny, high 28°C/82°F, low 5°C/41°F
Crew Physical Status: Nominal
EVA: See above
Reports to be filed: Journalist report, Greenhab report, Operations report, EVA report, EVA request, Astronomer report
Support Requested: None

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